Draw Mohammed 2015

Or in my case, Photoshop him.

Probably nobody does this anymore, but I’m a sucker for tradition.

Mohammed 2015

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Ender’s Game Movie Review

Poster Art

Let me begin by saying that I’ve read the book(s), but I’m not going to delve into the minute differences between them and the film. Frankly, it could’ve worked even with all the things that were cut – but it doesn’t, for a myriad of reasons:
While the movie does contain most of the events that Ender went through, the pacing is all wrong – it feels as if you’re watching Ender’s story in fast-forward mode. For a movie 2 hours long, they sure managed to rush every scene. As a result, there is no meaningful character development – the kids are hollow, placeholder faces, which appear like a generic ad for diversity. In addition, there is no sense of achievement: success seems to fall out of the sky on Ender, and difficulties are overcome with unexplained, laughable ease.
Finally, important concepts (like the limitation on number of children, or the Ansible) are not explained properly in-film, leading the viewer to guess and deduct on his own. On the other hand, “the enemy’s gate is down”, one of Ender’s critical insights, is gained nonchalantly even before his first battle, without any context, or apparent meaning. It’s as if 10-year-old Einstein sat for breakfast one day, and randomly told his mom, “you know what? I think E=MC^2”. What horrible storytelling.
But the worst comes when the actual war begins. It’s as if this were Ender’s Game as told by the Buggers (AKA Formics for the polite). All of a sudden, humanity isn’t desperately fighting for survival against a superior, infinite enemy, that has murdered tens of millions. Instead, it has the bugs “boxed in”. A single-planet species, with an asteroid base somewhere, has somehow boxed in a species with numerous colonies, and endless fleets. Perhaps the script writers require a rudimentary lesson in spacial geometry?
Forget tactical brilliance against insurmountable odds, the inhuman fatigue that the children had to suffer, and the sacrifice of the people in the war fleet, up to the ultimate, last-ditch victory. In their place we are presented with Hollywood’s standard infantile anti-war morality, that turns humanity – yet again – into interstellar brutes that literally just won’t listen. In an astonishing accomplishment, this movie manages to avoid all the politics that are in the original story, while pushing its own inferior agenda instead.
Bottom line: I’m giving the film a 2 out of 10, since visually it was done quite well, and the actors did seem to put a decent effort into their roles. However, it is an insult to a classic sci-fi story.
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Hitler is Betrayed in Europa Universalis IV

He thought he had secured an empire, but alas, the day of reckoning has come, and old alliances must be tested.

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Nostalgia Critic: Top 11 Nostalgic Animated Shows

Another Nostalgia Critic list I enjoyed 🙂

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Nostalgia Critic: Top 11 Underrated Nostalgic Classics

A Nostalgia Critic list I wanted to share with the world 🙂

Disclaimer: I don’t own this video or any other work of art shown in it.

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אופטיקה הלפרין – חנות של חאפרים

אז, סיפור שהיה, כך היה…

לפני כשבועיים בערך רכשתי זוג משקפיים חדשות בסניף אופטיקה הלפרין הקרוב למקום מגוריי, תחת מבצע ה-50% (מתוך כמה?) בכ-1060 ש”ח.
עזבו את העובדה שחשבתי שאצא בזול, ושילמתי יותר משאי-פעם שילמתי על משקפיים. בזמן הקנייה לא הוסבר לי חצי דבר על סוגי העדשות השונים, מלבד דירוג העובי, ולכן חשבתי לתומי שעדשות במחיר גבוה יהיו טובות יותר מהעדשות הפשוטות שאני משתמש בהן כעת.

טעיתי בגדול.

בפועל, העדשות שקיבלתי מאפשרות לי להסתכל אך ורק ישר קדימה. כל סטייה קלה לימין או לשמאל גורמת לטשטוש, זליגת צבעים, וכאבי ראש.
רכשתי בעבר באופטיקה הלפרין לפחות 2-3 זוגות משקפיים, ובאף אחד מהם לא הייתה את הבעיה הזו.
בסניף לא קיבלתי מענה לטענותיי, וגם לא יחס שניתן לכנות כ-“שירות לקוחות” (אני מאוד מאוד נדיב כרגע בתיאור שלי, מפאת קוצר זמן). רק לאחר תלונות חוזרות, המשקפיים נשלחו ל”בדיקה”, ולא יצרו איתי קשר במשך שבוע, עד שהלכתי פיזית לסניף לברר אם הן חזרו. מיותר לציין שלא נעשה דבר.
מכיוון שהבנתי שאת המוצר שרציתי כבר לא אקבל, דרשתי את כספי חזרה, או זיכוי והחלפה לעדשות עבות ופשוטות יותר, שלא יגרמו לי לבעיות האלו (משהו שקשור לחומרים מהן עשויות העדשות, לא אשעמם אתכם בתיאור). נעניתי בשלילה בשני המקרים, גם במוקד שירות הלקוחות. הם היו מוכנים שאשלם יותר אבל, בעבור עדשות יותר דקות שסביר שלא יעזרו בדבר. פשוט צדיקים.

התוצאה כרגע היא ששילמתי מחיר יקר, ונותרתי עם עדשות שאינן תואמות לצרכיי, ללא שירות, ללא מענה, וללא יחס.

אל תתנו לשם ולפרסום להטעות אתכם – באופטיקה הלפרין לא רואים אתכם ממטר.

סבלתם גם כן משירות גרוע באופטיקה הלפרין? חלקו כאן את סיפורכם!

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Chaos on Deponia – an unfortunate disappointment


A single frame that says it all

Chaos on Deponia has great drawings, an interesting, appealing atmosphere, and an epic score, which livens up the start menu section.
Unfortunately, under the pretty facade, both on its own, and in comparison with its predecessor, this adventure game is severely lacking in actual content. Yes, there are more areas to explore, more scenes to play out, and more videos to watch, but the jokes are fit for little children (which is out of place in a game with a mature setting), are devoid of wit, intelligence, or class (oh, this guy speaks in a funny way, let’s laugh about it for the entire game, because it’s obviously such a riot) not to mention the completely needless and tasteless parts with cruelty to animals.
Supplementing the vapid, hollow humor are unlikable, skin-deep characters that do not evoke the tiniest bit of emotional attachment.
All except the protagonist, of course who is a loathsome with no redeeming qualities, which I found repeatedly wanting to see fail. The fact that he is an oblivious, rude, shallow, mean-spirited, self-centered, charmless, immature idiot (and yes, this is how the game itself portrays him) might have been (almost) cute in the first game, but his behavior is simply insufferable this time around. In effect, he does not serve as a hero, anti-hero (Guybrush Threepwood has that part done correctly), or even as comic relief.

In short, this is an average adventure game, that falls short of the classics it tries to imitate (there are a few homages too, not that they help much). Despite wanting to like it, I became more and more disappointed as the story progressed. Perhaps this trilogy (why?) can still be saved in its third installment, when that is available, but my advice is to think three times before handing over your money.

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