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A stone I had

A stone I had

A stone I had, which I held in my hand
So plain it seemed, so dull and bland
I cast it out, but then I’ve seen
The light that shone, that was within
I threw my arms to grab it back
This diamond, which I had thought for a rock
I was too late, and so it fell
Over cliff’s edge, too far to tell

I cried out loud, I shouted hard
“Come back, oh diamond! I’ll settle for a shard”
But down it fell, oh down below
The river took it, and I yelled “No!”
Despair then had me, I fell to my knees
“Come back, my diamond. Oh, won’t you, please?”

But it was gone, and so was I
Staring blankly at the moonless sky
Yes it was dark, but not as me
My heart as shattered as can be
I watched the stream, below the cliff
There was no diamond – only grief

My demon smiled, and laughed at me
“Once again you’ve failed, you see
Accept the shame, do what you must”
Oh how I longed to turn to dust
I stood, and still, upon the edge
Undecided, with whom to merge

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