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The Tar Pit

The Tar Pit

I lie ontop a pit of tar
My end is near, my life are far
My soul I left so long behind
There’s nothing left for me to find

And as the darkness all around
Gathers up without a sound
To cover me, and leave no trace
I long for that, that cold embrace

I cannot live my life as them
I do not wish to live like men
I cannot chase the things they do
I do not wish to have them too

All which I had, indeed I lost
Some things were bad, and one was worst
Repeat the story one last time
Then hit delete, and then rewind

My hands are tied, my lip is bit
My life – a tunnel, its end – unlit
As I reflect on past mistakes
I wish I had no such regrets

And then I long for one last touch
I crave to feel, I crave so much
To hold a hand, so warm and nice
This feeling for which there’s no price

So when I go I go with pride
I’d cry with joy, I wouldn’t hide
Indeed I dream, there’s no such luck
What’s lost in life, will not be back

I welcome doom, it welcomes me
There’s nothing else I wish to see
And as the tar fills up my throat
Not far from me I hear a boat

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