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A Song For Hopeless Battles

A Song For Hopeless Battles

Come, my friends, and sit with me
I have a tale to tell, you see
About a battle in which I fought
And how it went, and what it brought

The call to arms was heard that day
And I was ready to obey
I strapped my armor head to toe
Just like I’ve done so long ago

Before the battle had begun
We asked the prophet “Can it be done”
He shook his head and said “My friends
You better pray and make amends
For certain death awaits you all
If you won’t run, you’ll pay the toll”

We stood discouraged by his words
We almost threw away our swords
But then our leader, on his horse
He rallied us back to our cause

“Hear me brothers!” Then he said
“I do not care if soon I’m dead
For I will hold my chin up high
Today we triumph, or we die
We fight for all that we believe
For all the fruits that love can give
So when you stare death in the face
Smile back at it, feel no disgrace”

We raised our voices in a roar
Then we marched, prepared for war
But in our hearts, we knew fate’s loom
Has woven us a cloth of doom

They had at least ten times more men
The moment that the fight began
We fought as lions, we fought so hard
We gave them hell, and hell we had
No surrender and no retreat
We will beat them, or we’ll be beat

But in the end, to no avail
I could not win the holy grail
I went to war in the name of love
But there were other plans above

And though I almost lost my hide
I have no one regret inside
I had to fight just as I did
I knew the odds, and placed my bid
And while my sword may lie there broken
My spirit’s not – this I have spoken

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