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A poem for dead love

I have your picture on my wall
Its color pale, and that is all
That’s left of what we used to be
A dead reminder of you and me

Many nights since then have passed
You were the only, not the last
But even with their warm embrace
Not one of them could take your place

I gaze upon a small black cat
And it gazes at me back
As if to ask this foolish man
How did he lose the best of them

If only you were truly mine
I would have made use of the time
That we did have, and could have had
I’d use the good, I’d use the bad

But instead we let it die
We kissed and then we said goodbye
I can’t recall the taste of your kiss
I wish I could just rest in peace

Instead each time that I wake up
Far away from your warm lap
I remember all that I have lost
I walk the streets next to your ghost

They say love doesn’t kill these days
The world is turning in new ways
So call me old, though I’m still young
An old sad fool that had it wrong

I had the best in all the land
Now memories escape like sand
Your smell, your voice – they fade away
Like your picture, to color gray

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