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Travian Sucks

This post is in English, so other poor souls who suffered from this game could google it up 🙂

An introduction for those who are not familiar with “Travian”: It is a persistent online, browser based, strategy game.  In the game you are the mayor/governor/king of a city/cities where you grow a population, expand your capabilities, raise up an army, attack and defend, all in an effort to be the biggest and most powerful player in the game.
I’m sure you can find it in a web search. I’m not going to provide a link because I’m not recommending this waste of your time.

I gave it a chance, because I wanted to study some of those online browser games to get some ideas for a game of my own. I had some bad experience with them a couple of years ago, and I wanted to see if something had changed. Most of these games end up as a futile practice in getting bullied, and for some reason I thought Travian would be different.

I managed to build my kingdom in relative peace for a couple of weeks; The only guy who attacked me had a small army, comparable to what I managed to raise for defense at the time, and after a while he figured that he loses more resources in troops than he gains from raids.
Another long peaceful period followed.
Then, out of nowhere, I am attacked 6 times simultaneously by clan (’alliance’) members – not even for profit. Just for the sheer joy of destruction I would assume.
They outnumber my forces like 50 to 1, they kill all my troops, raze my buildings, and lose almost nothing in the process.

So, where’s the fun? If the fun is supposed to be there only if you’re going to pour an insane amount of hours into this game, in order to become one of those bullies. And it is INSANE, because any progress in this game takes forever – and it’s not like you’ve got anything interesting to do while you just watch the numbers increase.
If this is for casual gamers, looking for something to pass the time every now and then – really bad implementation.
If this is for some kind of hardcore gamers who form their own teams in advance on each ’season’, and craft a carefully planned strategic orchestra months ahead, then… A browser game? With pictures and numbers for entertainment? Hardcore gamers have so many better alternatives to soak their teeth into…

I truly don’t get it.
So, a big 0 out of 10 in my view. I’ve learned exactly what kind of behavior I don’t want to have in any game of mine.

In case you’re still considering playing it, here are a few activities you might want to consider first:

* Watching paint dry.
* Sleeping.
* Watching crystals grow (It’s faster.Yes).
* Sawing off your own hands with a rusty blade.
* Installing every possible application in Facebook, and become their #1 user.
* Driving a fork through your guts, really slow.
* Getting beat up by a bunch of thugs, daily, at the same time.
* Getting raped by a bunch of oversized, pumped up, garlic eating inmates who last took a shower in 1979.
* Fighting with the stupid text editor here in blogli until your layout comes out right.

If you are the kind of person who would enjoy all of these activities, then yes – Travian is just the game for you!

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  1. David
    20/07/2017 at 13:55

    Yep. i also agree. Tons of cartels on this game. They bully and they get away with breaking the rules. Its almost feels like the support team turn a blind eye to much of what goes on. Once I called a player childish in a PM for writing something rude about players in his description box. I got banned for it. He did not. /shrug – its really not worth playing this game unless you spend a great deal of gold – there are also a lot of other better games out there. Don’t play Travian lol

  2. Reginald Flower
    09/05/2017 at 18:46

    Multihunters are entirely devoid of humour. I once got banned for trying to inject a little fun into the game. Leave it alone and go do something interesting instead.

    • 09/05/2017 at 18:48

      I’m amazed the game still exists after so many years! Or that my post is still being read 😀 Either way, appreciate the comment.

  3. Tom Obryant
    24/07/2013 at 00:17

    I know this is an old thread, but I just had to respond. The initial peace and quiet of the game sucked me in too. I spent a lot of time building my defenses and enjoying the graphics of the game. I did my best to build up my resources and even have a few troops, although attacking wasn’t MY goal in the game.

    Shortly after that grace period, I too was attacked over and over even though I had almost nothing to take. It was just for the sake of attacking and dominating.

    Other players posted that “you have to join an alliance” and then you can stay in the game longer. That’s absolutely true but guess what? It’s no fun! Once you’re in an alliance, you have to go along with their plans and you lose any individuality. You either play by their rules or you’re eliminated.

    So, for those of us who just want to play the game for recreational purposes and not as a career (obviously many do), we’re out of luck. The people who have been playing it for months, if not years, OWN the game and they control any newcomer. You are their pawns and that’s just the way it is.

    • Matt
      06/12/2015 at 18:48

      Old post.. but anyway – that is the point of this game. You can’t survive in this game solo. It’s an online game with many players. It’s all about teamwork. Don’t want to play as a team, then this isn’t the game for you.

      • 06/12/2015 at 18:53

        Definitely not for me. Despite what you said, however, the makers have done a very poor job at conveying this, and an even poorer job in letting players recuperate from a pounding.
        Frankly, I’m surprised this piece of rubbish still exists. I wouldn’t touch it again if you paid me.

  4. 12/11/2008 at 21:17

    No way am I leaving such a long, and well-written comment without reply.

    I think what you went through is simply infuriating.
    To be mistreated by players is one thing, but by the people in charge of the game? Outrageous.
    In another online game, players went to a ‘forum war’ because their characters’ breasts were reduced in size. I guess this is what matters to the crowds who play them.

    I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I was actually looking forward to the economic options of Travian. I planned on becoming a ‘local supplier of clay’, and didn’t want to go into wars at all. I have much better war games, and I liked seeing the little village grow.
    I think it was too slow, compared to the rate you can be destroyed, but satisfactory otherwise. My remark about watching paint dry was not related to the pace of the game.
    It was merely something more enjoyable to do then being kicked around without having a reasonable chance to defend yourself.

    I think having an easier time defending your border, building a real economy, and forging relationships with other players that are not about fighting other players, could make an online game much more fun.

    Most of these games are played like some kind of bloody ‘last man standing’ sport, and your personal experience supports this. In their view, you were only trying to get an unfair head start (On who? ‘Professional’ players that started playing months before you, and have gigantic kingdoms with huge armies?)

    I wish you better luck in future experiences of this sort, and thanks for your encouragement. I’ll just say that what I write in here does not represent the mood I am in all of the time.
    But in the dark times, I need an outlet.

  5. 09/11/2008 at 17:09

    I enjoyed your article and the rest of your somewhat melancholic blong (mostly the stuff in hebrew

    I can only encorage you to step out of it, since it seems you have a lot of valid talents such as writing for example

    that said, here is my first post of this article draft I am doing regarding travian
    Imagine yourself at a supermarket. A classical shopping round, hunting for basic necessities, toothpaste and few beers. At some point you receive a phone call, you take the phone out of your pocket, answer it in a socially excepted and polite way, asking the caller if you can call him back as soon as you finish your shopping round. As you slide your phone back into your pocket you notice a security guard examining you with an evil eye. Later, as you approach the cash register and to your surprise, you are asked, rather rudely, to empty your pockets – as you are accused of shoplifting! In public!

    Calmly you empty your pockets, allowing the paranoid security guard to go over the legal content of your positions. Soon after you leave the bags, and merchandise, the toothpaste and the beers, and with a smile you encourage both the workers and the security guard to store them in a safe place – where the sun don’t shine.

    On another part of the cosmos, Travian is a totalitarian browser based game, developed by Travian Games GmbH (Germany). Some people may claim that the game is based on populism, collectivism and corporatism in relation to in-game races and alliances. With that, Travian is promising to provide Interaction with thousands of players, as if there is a great social economy woven by millions of players! Sounds great no? I was actually pulled into this game not long ago, as I found great interest in the above subjects and what the game is promising. Still, somewhere in the back of my head, all this sound uncomfortably familiar.

    At start, I did well. The game demands few minutes of game play, followed by long waiting hours waiting for results. One can say that this may be interesting as watching grass grow or paint getting dry, but I found great interest in the possibilities this game can offer on the social level, even with the in-game poor IM system.

    The first social thing I did, was asking my friends for some assistance. They where advance players, and veterans to the game. I on the other side, was green as grass,

    I mean, what could be more social than asking a friend for some small help?

    At another part of the real-world, my real-life friend, one of those evil souls that drag me into all kind of digital adventures, got my gravelling message. From the depth of his arrogant social soul, he approves a small assistance of goods, as yet another proof of his social superiority. (In-game, of course)

    As much as I dislike feeling socially feeble, this is what I expected when I was thinking in “social game” terms, this was the thing I was waiting for, knowing ,one day I will be rich and powerful, and thus superior in the game’s social fabric.

    As I waited endlessly for the time to pass (this is the majority of the game-play Travian is offering). While waiting, I fantasize on tax collection from my near by neighbors and the many political and diplomatic stratagems I can pull. soon after I was wet-slapped in the face by Travian.

    I was banned from Travian. I was accused publicly of cheating, breaking game rules, my account was rendered inactive as I couldn’t perform any in-game moves, and above all – I was tagged “the scum of the earth” by many among the players.

    This in a way surprised me, as I was acting in fairness and lawfulness throughout my first two days of game-play, as to my perspective.

    The first official person I actually communicate within Travian was some kind of a help desk guy. funny enough he was not called “support” or “helpdesk”, but “MultiHunter”. For the player is the pray (customer?), and the system’s owners are the predators, the all mighty power, Chancellor of Travian.

    With a short exchange of emails, over the period of three days, in somewhat practical English to be polite, the kind support member, or the MultiHunter inform me, that any social activity less then attacking other player are forbidden, one should not ask for taxes (just a tiny bit if one “must”) and avoid helping his friends in terms of sending assistance even if the game fully support it. He was also kind enough to demonstrate his totalitarian powers he actually punished me (for all my social sins) with “this-and-that” amount of my resources. I smiled and kindly encouraged him to store the account in a safe place.

    That left me wondering of few things:

    Since Travian back-engine is working rather well, and since the game support great possibilities on the social aspect, following the current rules, what makes Travian any different from a bloody Tamagotchi? If it is about growing resources over time, I rather watch my grass grow, literally.

    I understand that Germany may not be a leading force in client relationship. still, on the human side and on the cognitive social aspect – should the first interaction with an official system member be tagged under “MultiHunter” ? (and the rest of the MultiHunter experience). Are you talking to all your clients with a gun facing at their heads? , are you sure this is a right way to approach it? And sorry for asking, did you ever gave it some thought at all?

    What kind of an ideology does Travian represent?

    If this is Travian help desk, what does their complain department looks like?

  6. 30/08/2008 at 22:22

    LOL. Great analogy!

    I figured all those online games have this same basic flaw. Unless you limit combat to players of relatively comparable strength, or force players to agree for a war, before the carnage begins, there’s no solution.
    If the wars were at least fun… but they’re not.
    So, maybe some time in the future I’ll manage to create a fun game in this style… Hopefully before warp speed engines will be invented.

  7. Level3
    27/08/2008 at 08:57

    Love the “sand castle” analogy
    Travian sucks because there is no system to stop high level players from bullying low level players
    Also it’s just soooooo boring
    You log in and click a couple buttons
    then you can’t do anything for a few hours
    Travian is like growing a lawn
    Just when it starts to get green
    a team of jerks come with gasoline and matches

  8. 19/07/2008 at 21:32

    Thanks, and my pleasure supplying the laughs 🙂

  9. 19/07/2008 at 02:07

    after reading youre: “few activities you might want to consider first”
    i can only say that it is hilarious, and that i never ever want to be cursed by you
    best of luck with youre game

  10. 18/07/2008 at 02:24

    I’m glad you see it in the same way 🙂

    I can understand the fun in growing your virtual kingdom. That part was nice, but… it’s like building a huge sand castle in the beach, only to have a bunch of strangers stomp it.
    Only building a huge sand castle is more fun. Especially if it has laser turrets on it

  11. Some random person
    17/07/2008 at 19:34

    Yeah, I know what you mean, I played the game as well and it was pretty much that. People simply attack you for the sheer joy of destroying, I know cause I was bullied into an alliance (they beat the shit out of me before they forced me to join them since I was a relatively powerful player) and then once I was in I was expected to coerce people into joining the alliance the same way. This game takes forever to do anything, literally forever, and what do you get? Some random retards who got nothing better to do than gang up on you 50 to 1.

    This game truly is a shame there. There is absolutely NO way of surviving entirely by yourself UNLESS you are such a fanatic of it that you’re willing to pay real money to improve your things (and even that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll survive by yourself). Additionaly I found the game pointless. There is no end to it, all you’re there to do is increase your stuff and wage war or raids. It’s that it? I like challenging games, things that make you think like hell and require quick reactions, but travian isn’t that sorta game.

    So dude, I agree totally with you, this game sucks.

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