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Majesty 2 is actually fun now (thanks to modding)

Majesty 2 Screenshot

My opinion of Majesty 2, compared to the all-time great, memorable, and enjoyable Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, can be summarized as, “Oh, dear GOD! What have you done?! WHYYYYY?!!!!

Ahem, so, on the good side, at some point the developers were probably forced to allow those with better understanding of game mechanics than them to mod the game – if not the miserable AI, that gives different heroes as much personality as a rock in the side of a wall, then at least in the numbers that create a frustrating, and usually painful gaming experience.

If you, the nice and friendly reader of this post, would like to try a different Majesty 2 experience, then all you have to do is download my mod, and copy the directory inside it under the Majesty 2 folder (thanks to everyone who pointed out the previous storage website was attempting to force install stuff).

I.E c:\program files\Majesty 2\resource.mod

The next time you start the game, all the new values will be applied.
Note: the game should first be updated to version 1.5.xxx

So, what did I change? Glad you asked!

  • Building speed was increased a little. Magic build/repair has been buffed a tiny bit.
  • Rogue, Ranger, Warrior guilds each house 4 heroes, so no need to spam them.
  • Towers are sturdier, and faster to build. They no longer collapse when a light breeze passes by.
  • Guilds, and other unique, important, expensive buildings – I.E the Marketplace and Smithy – do not shatter into pieces when a butterfly sits on them. The Warrior’s Guild, being a fortress in itself, can now soak damage properly.
  • Castle upgrades are cheaper, and require less time. Jumping to a higher ‘tier’ is now a valid alternative to making other investments, which opens up new strategies.
  • Upgrading the smithy and marketplace is cheaper.
  • All smithy upgrades are considerably cheaper, allowing you to invest in better armament for your heroes much sooner in the game. Later tier weapons and armor, accordingly, have been nerfed.
  • First upgrades of guilds cost more, so they won’t be a ‘free upgrade’.
  • Dwarves, Elves, Temple heroes have been made cheaper, and were nerfed. Even the ‘super heroes’ are not invincible.
  • Paladins, in particular, do not have a ridiculous amount of hit points and resistance. Like warriors, they are vulnerable to magic attacks.
  • All hero attributes have been tweaked. There is a certain logic to them now: For example, warriors are more resistant to arrows (carry shield), dwarves, are more resistant against HTH and magic attacks, and do not have unlimited HP.
  • Raising heroes from the dead is significantly cheaper. Losing a high level cleric in battle is not a catastrophic lose anymore.
  • Hiring prices were changed. Cheaper heroes are generally more expensive, while the expensive ones (clerics, mages) are cheaper.
  • Hero behavior and purchasing habits were tweaked a bit. Mages make better decisions for survival now, like putting more value on Healing Potions. Elves do not purchase 10 Healing Potions anymore.
  • Inns provide income again, and 2nd level inns provide a slightly higher amount of income. They do not explode if someone sneezed a couple of miles away.
  • Magic Bazaar is cheaper to build, and all its potions take half the amount of money to research.
  • Purchase prices have been changed. High-level equipment costs more to buy, like in Majesty 1. Researching Armor is not enough, if your heroes are too poor to afford it. Other items, like the regeneration amulet, had their prices reduced (300 gold is ridiculously high, and most likely a typo). Healing Potions, being so important to heroes’ survival, cost 15, not 20 gold.
  • Researched hero abilities still require a certain level. Only 3rd. level wizards can cast fireball, etc.
  • Several monsters had their values tweaked, usually nerfed a bit. The Bearman is still the mightiest of foes, though.
  • All campaign bosses have considerably less hit points. Battles with a boss should not take fifteen minutes, and require the repeated revival of a hundred heroes, only to end up with your whole town in ruins. While the design of scenarios is weak in itself, at least now it follows a clearer format of “recruit heroes -> level up heroes -> attack boss with high-level heroes -> win.”
  • More things will be added as I recall them.
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  1. Tito
    21/04/2017 at 01:07

    That’s nice. Did you reduced the number of spawning monsters from the cemetery and sewers? For me it’s to most annoying thing.

    • 24/04/2017 at 14:59

      I agree that it’s annoying. It’s been a while, but I think the tweaks to town defenses made their attacks less dangerous, and thus less annoying.

  2. Swift
    24/08/2015 at 18:17

    Oh btw I did some tweeking to the game and practically ‘disconnecting’ it from steam, starting it independently. I still get the errors ‘Changes to the resource files detected’.

    • 25/08/2015 at 10:39

      Hi Swift,
      It’s been a while seen I made this modification, and it sounds like they changed the protection system. I’m sure that modding forums will have info, because you’re probably not the first person who ran into this problem.
      Sorry I couldn’t help more.

  3. Swift
    24/08/2015 at 18:13

    Hey, when I try to edit the resource files a little the game instantly detects it. I went as far as unpacking them, changing them, re-packing them and replacing the files and the game still notices that I have made changes to the resource files, any idea on how I can prevent it? (I feel like me owning the game on steam is making it dramatically more difficult)

  4. Joe Blow
    15/02/2015 at 08:23

    you can actually use this in combination with the reloaded mod. I installed this and then the reloaded v1.1 over it and see features of both. I was able to finally beat a bunch of missions I had been stuck on since the vanilla game came out. Thanks for the upload!

    • 15/02/2015 at 10:43

      My pleasure. I’m glad other people find it useful 🙂

    • 07/09/2015 at 12:42

      which did you install first? Because I installed reloaded first then this, theres 22 conflicting files…?

    • 07/09/2015 at 15:11

      I dunno if its this or reloaded or the combo of both, but hte the dwarves are GARBAGE. Kicked around like little girls. Warrior standing there soloing a werewolf and a minotaur punts the dwarf for his entire health bar.

  5. Naz
    01/12/2014 at 18:28

    How do I change the number of heroes in each guild?

    • 03/12/2014 at 17:45

      In the file:
      You have lines like “guild_warrior”, and under them there is {“Max count” 3}

      Simply change the number after “Max count” to how many heroes you want to have in a particular guild.

  6. slurp32
    14/10/2014 at 07:27

    can you make rangers explore again and temples the way they used to be also any plans on monster kingdom update?

    • 15/10/2014 at 01:09


      I did try to make rangers explore like in Majesty I, but it’s just not built into the game (and that makes me sad.)

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any more time to put into the mod, but the files are freely available for anyone to tweak and add stuff as they see fit 🙂

  7. Ysil69
    12/11/2013 at 19:47

    esatire :
    Thanks for informing me. Now the file is sitting in a new location.

    Excellent 😀 I was considering even downloading the accelerator to try this mod. The games at the points where it’s getting frustrating. Thanks!

  8. tild99
    12/09/2013 at 01:12

    I would love to try your mod. Could you post it to another fileshareing service other than upload.com which is notorious for its adware.

    Thanks 😀

    • 12/09/2013 at 09:48

      I haven’t encountered any adware from uploading.com so far (just be sure not to mark “use download accelerator” when clicking on “download for free”). Also, my file is an archive, so you don’t have to worry about anything being installed when you open it.
      However, if you have another filesharing service to suggest, I’m open to suggestions 🙂

      • Ysil69
        11/11/2013 at 23:01

        Even deselecting the download accelerator it’s still trying to install it on my computer =/

      • 12/11/2013 at 10:57

        Thanks for informing me. Now the file is sitting in a new location.

  9. Catalyst
    25/02/2013 at 22:21

    I have been using your mod since halfway through the original campaign and I am almost done with the expansion now. Thank you very much, great work! The game is a lot more fun now although still very difficult at times.

    • 02/03/2013 at 11:40

      Yes, the campaign is problematic. Instead of being challenging and engaging, most of it is just frustrating and/or annoying.

      Is there a specific level that feels particularly unfair?

  10. Rykof
    25/02/2013 at 09:11

    Feel kinda silly, but fixed it, thanks for the excellent mod this fixed everything that made the game difficult to love! Best Majesty mod out there, should have been released like this.

  11. Rykof
    25/02/2013 at 08:37

    Been trying to use your mod, I have the complete edition on steam, put it in the .mod area, but the mod doesn’t seem to have taken effect I don’t think, I’ve been testing it by seeing what price wizards are, and each time their still 500 gold. Any idea why it’s not working?

  12. Catalyst
    17/02/2013 at 18:07

    Hello, how do you think your mod compares to the Majesty 2 reloaded mod on ModDB? It seems like a lot of the features in that mod is designed to make the game harder, and the logic is not really explained.

    • 17/02/2013 at 20:43

      Well, first, I can’t think of why anyone would want to make a mod that makes the game even harder. Majesty 2 started as hard, and all its expansions were about making it even harder.
      In my eyes, it’s a major fault of the game.

      My mod, in contrast, is an attempt to make the game more fun, less stressful, and more varied – in that you can unlock higher tiers earlier, and choose how to advance, rather than stick to the strict right-and-wrong options that were given to you by the game studio: for example, going for a blacksmith and upgrading your weapons would waste money that is needed for racing to tier 3 and building temples, thus sealing your doom – so weapons research becomes detrimental, rather than beneficial.
      The higher-tier heroes are also less of ‘super-heroes’, which encourages mixing them with the basic warriors and rangers, instead of replacing them with 4000HP power houses.

      It’s also much smaller – being just a 67kb download, you won’t find skins, models, maps, or new sounds here. What you would find is a different style of play, which resembles more the original Majesty, where you could take time to experiment with the various heroes, and your town didn’t explode every two seconds due to a bug sneezing 🙂

      My advice: since both mods are free, try them, and see which suits your playing style better.

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