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Villains of Their Own Kind – Now Free at Amazon.com

“When heroes become impotent, what you need… is a villain.”

Villains' Cover ArtVillains of Their Own Kind is a full novel, written by me over the course of over three and a half years, which follows the exploits of a group of self-proclaimed Supervillains, as they travel around the fictional world of the near future (2024, to be exact).

Is is an adventure story, rife with action sequences befitting the big-screen, or a video game. It is also a parody-satire of pop culture, the world we live in, human behavior, and the Superhero/action-hero genre. It is also a story about love, loyalty, and freedom in a world that increasingly tells you what to think, and how to think it.

To accept it, is to defy convention.

Since the entire story is something of a juggernaut, and my available time is extremely limited, I’ve cut it down to 4 parts, the first of which is available through Amazon.com. For this weekend only, it is available for free!
You can get it on any Kindle device, an iPad or iPhone, or a PC – there’s even an option to read it straight on your browser through ‘Kindle Cloud’.

If I got you interested, here are the links that will help you get started:

I’ve also taken the time to create a one-minute trailer, which I originally recorded in 2009. Hopefully, you can see past the limited production values – this is essentially a one-man operation ๐Ÿ™‚

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