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The last battle

I’ve felt the light of a thousand suns
It shone so bright, but then was gone
It touched me deeply, and gave me hope
Though as I knew, it had to stop

I thought perhaps my life won’t be
As empty as they might have been
I thought perhaps that I would see
A brighter future than foreseen

Was it too much to ask or pray
To have a reason here to stay
Was it too much, I ask you god?
Now everything is twice as bad

You gave, and took, and there’s no other
I wonder why I even bother
Well, nothing matters any more
My wounds are open, my heart is sore

And as the curtains draw so near
So very little left to fear
My life now is just one regret
A dead man’s dream inside my chest

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The Triple Threat

A fool I was, a foolish man
From past mistakes I should’ve learned
I saw her colors once, indeed
To try again there was no need

Yet I was drawn, could not avoid
That bleeding heart, so filled with void
That cruel style, which hid inside
A sweeter manner, a softer hide

The second time, I thought – a change
Yet she was still out of my range
Wounded, I made my retreat
I cursed myself, twice was I hit

But I could not just stay away
I took my third chance, with a pray
Perhaps from all those seeds I’ve sown
A pretty flower could have grown

I felt her warmth, I was inspired
But I kept cautious on my side
For I have played the game for long
Things that start right tend to end wrong

But days went by, and she warmed up
In many layers she was wrapped
I stayed patient, it all went fine
With time, I hoped, she will be mine

Imagine how I was surprised
When in one night, again it died
The warmth withdrawn, the flame put out
One soul who got me, one soul apart

My darkness now is mine alone
Misunderstood, like all along
To always feel this endless pain
My eyes are dry. My tears are rain

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A poem for dead love

I have your picture on my wall
Its color pale, and that is all
That’s left of what we used to be
A dead reminder of you and me

Many nights since then have passed
You were the only, not the last
But even with their warm embrace
Not one of them could take your place

I gaze upon a small black cat
And it gazes at me back
As if to ask this foolish man
How did he lose the best of them

If only you were truly mine
I would have made use of the time
That we did have, and could have had
I’d use the good, I’d use the bad

But instead we let it die
We kissed and then we said goodbye
I can’t recall the taste of your kiss
I wish I could just rest in peace

Instead each time that I wake up
Far away from your warm lap
I remember all that I have lost
I walk the streets next to your ghost

They say love doesn’t kill these days
The world is turning in new ways
So call me old, though I’m still young
An old sad fool that had it wrong

I had the best in all the land
Now memories escape like sand
Your smell, your voice – they fade away
Like your picture, to color gray

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השיר על הענק הנזיר

20/01/2007 2 comments

הענק הנזיר

הנה הוא צועד, בצעד כביר
מי עוד כמוהו חזק ואדיר
כן ילדים, הגיבור המזהיר
הענק הנזיר הענק הנזיר

הוא יכול להרים גם עיר קטנה
טוב-ליבו אינסופי ונפשו עדינה
רשעות בשבילו היא בכלל רק מילה
הוא יאהב את כל מי שיאהב חזרה

אל תטעו במראהו – כולו אשליה
אותו יבין רק אדם בעל חוכמה
אם אותו תכעיסו תתחרטו במהרה
לענק הנזיר יש עוצמה אדירה!

הנה הוא צועד, בצעד כביר
מי עוד כמוהו חזק ואדיר
כן ילדים, הגיבור המזהיר
הענק הנזיר הענק הנזיר

הוא ידע כמויות של כאב בחייו
ונשא משאות כה כבדים על הגב
טיפשים וטיפשות צוחקים עליו
אך הוא בשלווה מתקדם עוד שלב

לא אדם טיפוסי, לא קטן, לא זעיר
אין יצור כמותו – לא בכפר לא בעיר
אדיבותו אגדה, הוא יציב כמו קיר
קשים הם חיי הענק הנזיר

הנה הוא צועד, בצעד כביר
מי עוד כמוהו חזק ואדיר
כן ילדים, הגיבור המזהיר
הענק הנזיר הענק הנזיר

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A Song For Hopeless Battles

A Song For Hopeless Battles

Come, my friends, and sit with me
I have a tale to tell, you see
About a battle in which I fought
And how it went, and what it brought

The call to arms was heard that day
And I was ready to obey
I strapped my armor head to toe
Just like I’ve done so long ago

Before the battle had begun
We asked the prophet “Can it be done”
He shook his head and said “My friends
You better pray and make amends
For certain death awaits you all
If you won’t run, you’ll pay the toll”

We stood discouraged by his words
We almost threw away our swords
But then our leader, on his horse
He rallied us back to our cause

“Hear me brothers!” Then he said
“I do not care if soon I’m dead
For I will hold my chin up high
Today we triumph, or we die
We fight for all that we believe
For all the fruits that love can give
So when you stare death in the face
Smile back at it, feel no disgrace”

We raised our voices in a roar
Then we marched, prepared for war
But in our hearts, we knew fate’s loom
Has woven us a cloth of doom

They had at least ten times more men
The moment that the fight began
We fought as lions, we fought so hard
We gave them hell, and hell we had
No surrender and no retreat
We will beat them, or we’ll be beat

But in the end, to no avail
I could not win the holy grail
I went to war in the name of love
But there were other plans above

And though I almost lost my hide
I have no one regret inside
I had to fight just as I did
I knew the odds, and placed my bid
And while my sword may lie there broken
My spirit’s not – this I have spoken

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The Bird of Many Colors

The Bird of Many Colors

I saw a bird, her colors bright
Indeed my friends, she was a sight
Her wings were made of silk and air
Her eyes were gold, but would I dare

I said “Hello” and she said “Hi”
And then the hours just went by
She told a secret, I told two
There were some more I wanted to

“See what I wrote” She showed a poem
And in my heart a light went on
I spoke to her, she read my mind
Who she was, I had to find

“What kind of bird are you” I asked
“I cannot say, for I am masked”
“Let me unveil the mask you wear”
“I cannot let you do that sir”

She spread her wings, about to fly
My heart was hurt, I cannot lie
“You touched my soul, oh please don’t go”
“I won’t fly high, I will stay low”

But I knew that it couldn’t be
This bird I like is not for me
My heart flies high, It has to soar
I cannot compromise my soul

She flew away, it was the end
Leaving me with wounds to mend
And as she took one look behind
I took away my heart and mind

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The Tar Pit

The Tar Pit

I lie ontop a pit of tar
My end is near, my life are far
My soul I left so long behind
There’s nothing left for me to find

And as the darkness all around
Gathers up without a sound
To cover me, and leave no trace
I long for that, that cold embrace

I cannot live my life as them
I do not wish to live like men
I cannot chase the things they do
I do not wish to have them too

All which I had, indeed I lost
Some things were bad, and one was worst
Repeat the story one last time
Then hit delete, and then rewind

My hands are tied, my lip is bit
My life – a tunnel, its end – unlit
As I reflect on past mistakes
I wish I had no such regrets

And then I long for one last touch
I crave to feel, I crave so much
To hold a hand, so warm and nice
This feeling for which there’s no price

So when I go I go with pride
I’d cry with joy, I wouldn’t hide
Indeed I dream, there’s no such luck
What’s lost in life, will not be back

I welcome doom, it welcomes me
There’s nothing else I wish to see
And as the tar fills up my throat
Not far from me I hear a boat

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