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Chrome kicks Firefox to the curve

As a long time Firefox fan, it was somewhat saddening to see my favorite browser devolve from a racing car to a hog-carrying pickup-truck over the years.

And there I was, thinking that version 3.x was quite alright again, when I got to compare some of my favorite pages in Chrome.
Needless to say, the result were quite pleasing. There’s a certain blog I read, which tends to embed a bazillion youtube videos in  it. Whereas in Firefox scrolling the main page is slow, and heavily ramps up my CPU (do you enjoy hearing your fan waking up while browsing the web? me neither), there was no sign of this problem in Chrome. In fact, the CPU temperature didn’t rise by a single degree.

That, coupled with the fact that it loads up at least 6 seconds quicker after boot, is all the proof I need to make it my default browser.

Chrome is what Firefox was supposed to be. Somewhere along the way, I guess something went wrong, which is just too bad.

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