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Gangstas receive an award for multicultural understanding, after shooting white couple


A group of cultural sensitive community activists.

Disclaimer: What follows is Satire, and should not be given any other meaning.
LA, CA: The Association for the Promotion of Racism against Whites (APRW) has granted a group of culturally sensitive young Afro-Americans from Compton, California the Enlightened Understanding award, for practicing tolerance on a middle-aged couple from the Midwest, who took the wrong turn into their town.

“Them mothaf***ing crackers been riding into our turf like dey own da place”, one young lad explained eloquently, while waving his arms in the air like he just don’t care.
“I mean, how’s an honest brother is supposed to be making out a living for himself selling smack when da man is poking around, asking for directions like a narc? So we popped a cap in hizass, and two in his ho, for all the screams she den put up. My granny is sick, coz I been borrowing all ‘er medicine, so all yous inconsiderate whitebreads better keep ya mouth closed, and let her rest.”

The peaceful locals tolerated the lost couple with over 100 bullets of friendship; then sold the remains of their car to a local community entrepreneur: an auto-parts shop called the Cracker Cracker, which carried a lighthearted graffiti of a white man cut in half by a giant nutcracker to convey its message of cultural diversity.

President Obama has already issued a statement, calling the incident “the finest display of multicultural understanding, from the best of our nation’s youth”, and invited four prominent tolerance practitioners: Coke Dawg, Cherry Popper, Bust-a-nut, and G-Dope, for a formal visit in the European-American House.

“We’s all are very excited about this invite,” says Cherry Popper, while wiping white flour from his nose, “I heard the persident has a lot of rich-ass shizzle in that big ‘o house of his.”

Unfortunately, at this point in time, the well-meaning young lads are yet to be able to locate Washington DC on a map.

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