Villains of Their Own Kind

Villains of their own kind cover

The Gang

Villains of Their Own Kind

An action-adventure, parody-satire story about a group of self-proclaimed supervillains, who travel the skewed world of the near future in search of powerful artifacts, and a little peace of mind from a mysterious enemy who wants them dead.
When society deems right as wrong, and wrong as right, who’s to say who are the heroes, and who are the villains?



The leader of the gang, and Banshee’s wife: calm, calculated, confident, and in control. Rarely shows emotions in public, unless lots of alcohol is involved. Loves to see his elaborate plans come together.


Cyron’s wife, notorious mercenary, and martial arts specialist: outwardly mean, sardonic, and even hostile to the point of violence; Opal is nevertheless warm and caring to those she feels close to.

Ironskin Dan

The baddest boy this side of the solar system: he is loud, rude, and full of life. Usually seen with a cigar stuck from the corner of a mean grin, right before he charges up an oversized weapon.

Littleman John

Good things come in small packages: Johnny is an expert hacker, sniper, and all-around fixer; not to mention an aspiring mad scientist. His small stature and boyish facial features don’t make him very popular with the ladies, or perhaps it is the gleam of madness in his eye.

And many, many more…

You can get the first two parts from the Amazon Kindle Store.
Part I
Part II

You can also check out the FaceBook page
And the Goodreads page.

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